Fear of Failure

Often, fear of failure arises from uncertainty. For example, when you have trouble making choices, want to strive for perfection or have too high expectation.

Sometimes it’s the fear of your own unconscious that prevents you from taking action. You are afraid to fail because of the repercussions of this failure in relation to failures in the past. Something has happened, and you have trouble letting go of it.

In addition, it may also be that you feel that you never do things well enough yourself and you think that you cannot do something. While another thinks you are doing something right. You then expect too much of yourself.

Fear of failure is kind of is a normal feeling, but it can also be destructive and limiting. For example, a better approach may be to try something anyway. No matter how exciting and scary changes can be. This can also be true, for example, with choosing to address your fear of failure. But the choice can actually work out very well.

The first step is to become aware of how you deal with your fear of failure. Take a few moments for yourself and ask yourself, What am I afraid of? Why am I afraid? Are my expectations too high? Do I have too low a self-esteem? Is it true that I really can’t handle something well enough, or are there other things at play.

When you have this clearly in mind, it is possible to reduce your fear of failure or even to get rid of it. Often it is nice to talk with someone about this and make the choice together to tackle your fear of failure.

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