Auto lube

Lubrication or auto lube is critical in ensuring equipment keeps moving and your operating costs are reduced. Without proper lubrication your equipment can suffer from downtime and reduced life, which impacts your company’s bottom line. Automatic lubrication could be the answer.


Automatic lubrication systems provide consistent lubrication on a more frequent basis. Too little or too much lubricant will result in friction and heat, creating drag on the bearing and damaging the bearing’s seals. Furthermore, the best time to lubricate a bearing is while equipment is moving. This causes an unsafe and almost impossible task for equipment operators. Automatic lubrication provides a safer method of supplying the precise amount of lubrication to bearings, bushings and other lubrication points when it’s needed.


The basic components of an automatic lubrication system are a metering device, pump, controller, tubing/hose, and fittings to connect to the lubrication points. Many accessories are also available to enhance or complement the operation of a system. Maritime Grease Solutions offers complete automatic lubrication systems for several industries, including in-plant industrial manufacturing, mining, construction (heavy equipment), food and beverage, energy and on-road mobile applications.


At the heart of every automatic lubrication system is a metering device. People often ask why they can’t just put a tee in the line to serve two points. The fluid in such a system would take the path of least resistance, leading it to only one of the points. To prevent fluid from taking the path of least resistance we use metering devices.

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